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the missing Girly commentary

The fourth book in the Girly collection, which contained chapter 15, did not have author commentary in it.
I felt that, given the way the comic ended, following it up with several pages explaining everything would just wreck the mood.
But now a couple years have passed since the chapter began, and I do so love to explain things, so here is an internet-based non-context-wrecking place for the missing commentary... of Girly Chapter 15.


Girly - the webcomic
Feb 23 '14
Bonus commentary is coming up soon. But first I must post this series of panels again. Because… I just have to.

Bonus commentary is coming up soon. But first I must post this series of panels again. Because… I just have to.

Feb 14 '14

and in the end, that’s what it was all about, wasn’t it? As goofy as it all was, there was a statement somewhere in that comic. Love is great. Sex is great. Lesbians are great. Let us us not stigmatize, but celebrate.

Girly was a celebration of the best things in life. I hope everyone had fun. And those who still insist on crossing their arms and turning their noses up at the whole thing….

they can just…


That was Girly.

Thanks to everyone who stuck with it all until the very end. would it be too much to say you are beacons of hope in this perpetually crippled comic industry? I do not think so. I am thankful for all of you, and I am thankful for webcomics. A story this insane would have had absolutely no hope of surviving without them.

Girly was probably the last comic of this type that I’ll be doing for the forseeable future. That is, the goofy type… or I daresay, the “RANDOM” type… It’s not that I have anything against that kind o’ thing, but my mind has moved elsewhere, and I just gotta follow where it goes. But of course you’ll still see a lot of what I learned from Girly in You Suck and Princess Panic, and whatever other weird things I think up in the future.

And do continue following this tumblr for other things. SPECIAL Things. Possibly the most amazing odds n’ ends you shall ever see. I will not be reblogging Girly15 to my main tumblr from this point on, so all the forthcoming bonus material is for the most hardcore of readers. Are you among them?? Of course you are!!! So stay tuned! And hey…… enjoy.

i love you all!

-Josh L, Feb 14 2014

Feb 14 '14

What makes this commentary a tad difficult is… I just don’t want to sound too negative. I know, it sounds odd… right?

It’s just that… as much as this comic was born from a general need to end this love story in a particularly awesome way, its also born from frustration… frustration with western society and the way things have become. Why don’t we ever see love scenes like the one in The Terminator anymore. Why do horribly graphic acts of torture and violence like the ones in Saw and Final Destination easily get R ratings, while movies depicting closeups of women having the utter nerve to enjoy the act of sex are lucky to get an NC-17…

I could write a million-word rant about it…. but I think I’ll save it for later, and say, for now, that this comic was an act of rebellion against such things.

It was also the only way to end this comic.

If you’re going to have a whole series of battles where the power of love wins out, this is the only real way to do the climax.

…with a climax.

(pun slightly intended)

and you know what… most of the readers seemed to get it. They just got it. It was very reassuring to see.


One last note: I have drawn a lot of porno over the years. And still none of it has been as hot as the five panels of kissing in the bottom of panel 10. I’m not sure if I’ll ever surpass that, actually.

One last last note: The penultimate Cutewendy comic featured one last credit to the author in the first panel, followed by the two main characters jumping on each other in a passionate moment that resulted in the conception of their daughter, and… well….

I love my callbacks, what can I say…

what can anyone say!

Feb 13 '14


Girly was a comic about two gals in love.

But when it came to the parts where they were really, REALLY in love… We had to pause… and before we could proceed, we needed to make sure that certain romcom rules were followed. Certain unwritten rules.

If clothes should be removed, it’s time to break out the strands of hair and foreground objects, to make sure somewhat shameful parts of the body are nice and hidden from view. And suffice to say, if things start to get too hot and heavy, it’s time for the camera to cut away entirely… Let’s just show some adorable cat being all cute off on the side here while the couple is over there, enjoying each other’s company, safely out of public view. Better yet, let’s just end the scene, do a timeskip, and show the couple cuddling afterward.

Y’know, just like how it’s always done. Always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always

or… y’know… not.

not, never… never again

(to be cont)

Jan 27 '14

YEP. When I say that bookending is something I’m quite fond of, I am not kidding around. I did it with the original Cutewendy comic, albeit in a somewhat contrived fashion. So I like to hope to think that this revamp of the very first girly comic was a little more well-done. Perhaps a bit more demonstrative of the stuff I learned over the past ten years…

Though I freely admit that it may be just a little reminiscent of the scene at the end of G Gundam where Rain and Domon exchanged the words to Domon’s signature catchphrase. Just a little…

But, you know… ASIDE from that, one of my favorite pieces of art is the third-to-last panel of this comic.

It has a delicious reference to Star Trek VI and everything…

This was pretty fucking fun. The whole comic was FUCK ING FUN

There’s two left, and please excuse me as it may take quite a bit of time to formulate words for them…

Jan 25 '14

This may still be the most ridiculous anything i have ever drawn ever. And I don’t mind saying it fills me with an almost overwhelming amount of pride.

As the theme of chapter 15 was mostly stupid action sequences, I had to do one pretty huge one at the end, and it ended up being composed of eight 2-page spreads. While most of Girly was anime-inspired, this sequence was entirely Robert Rodriguez-inspired. To the last detail.

When the Pop-culture sidekick v2 goes on about “fighting us with callbacks” she is referring to this comic and also this comic.

Bookending… is something I happen to be quite fond of.

The final panels were based in part on the tendency for bad western anime art to incorporate an inordinate amount of angel wings. I was not immune from this, as I originally planned to end my old Wendy webcomic by revealing Wendy to be an angel. So basically I followed through with that original plan in a slightly different way.

Silly, silly, silly…

Three to go!

Jan 23 '14

I may be remembering things slightly wrong… but I’m pretty sure #760 was the first comic I ever streamed on UStream. It was also the first and last Girly comic drawn on a stream, as alas, I didn’t want to spoil anyone on the last few comics in any way.

It would be a couple years before I would get completely addicted to cartoonist exhibitionism and would insist on drawing all my comics while being watched… but this is where it technically started. Where the seed was planted, as it were.

I really was looking forward to doing the “easy to draw” joke for quite some time, as while the inkfill swirlies were pretty fun to do, it really was completely, guilt-trippingly easy.

And I’m looking at this now, and while I’m still pretty satisfied with the designs of these four, I am quite disturbed at how babies keep dropping out of the Baby Sidekick…

Only four more? Wowsers…

Jan 14 '14

I guess I could say the queen’s simplistic design isn’t too big a deal since it appears pretty briefly anyway. Though when you think about it, isn’t that a reason to make it MORE elaborate? Having a costume that takes 17 hours to draw would not be quite so painful if it only appears in five panels.

Dickweed is a pretty great word. Apparently it’s perfectly allright to use on cable TV, yet it is woefully underutilized. Did any show except MST3K even use it?

In the panel with Captain Fist and the Kill Fisters, the sidekicks are all evil zombie versions of characters from my other comics. I’d list them all, but half of them are characters from comics I drew when I was literally a child, and other things the internet doesn’t know about. But in the bottom-left is Miki, which makes it so all 4 of the Wendy girls have had an appearance in this comic in some way or another.

Everyone’s parents are here, and it’s serious time. 5 comics left.

Jan 12 '14

The queen has taken her humanoid form! And… ehhhhh

I do not recall drawing up model sheets or, in fact, planning out the design of the queen at all before I penciled this comic… other than “derp she should look like Cutewendy’s sidekick, except evil”. And alas, it shows. It’s not an awful design, it just wasn’t very creative, all things considered. And I must have been tired in general when I drew 758, because despite her simple design, there’s glaring mistakes in every panel she appears in.

But hey, you know what they say: In comics, it’s not the artwork that’s important, it’s the writing!

For most of the final conflict, I wanted to sorta return things to the form of chapters 13 and 14, which was all about heavy character writing and the friendship between W+O. And with that, I thought it’d be fun to have the queen try really hard to be all evil and menacing and cliched, while the girls were just themselves. So yeah, I think I did allright there, though there probably should have been just a bit more of it. Just two more pages of queen trying to explain how doomed they are while the girls casually shoot her down.

Of course, they’re not done yet. 6 comics to go.

Dec 20 '13

I won’t get too much into the specifics of the hows and whys it came to be, suffice to say it mostly is due to me being an animation fan whose teenage years were firmly planted in the 90s… but by the time I hit my early 20s, I was pretty darn anime.

In June 2003 —The month I began Girly— I was 25… I was still quite the anime, but my inner-rebellion against it was well under way.

I was determined to get over anime completely within five years, and I worked so hard to achieve that seemingly impossible goal.

Less than a year into Girly, I already practiced up, by becoming extremely offended whenever anyone dared compared my work to anime.  I started paying more and more attention to cartoon art, the lessons of the great prophet Kricfalusi, and generally exposing myself to as much non-anime sources of inspiration as I possibly could.

Not everyone agreed with my course of action. People would tell me I was on the wrong path, and so determined I was in my quest, that I would get into arguments with almost everyone. I hurt a few relationships, and lost hundreds of readers. But certainly it would all be worth it in the end. The anime had to go, at all costs.

By Chapter 12, I reached the peak. The inking was super-chaotic and the consistency in my art was almost non-existant…. but the anime was at an all-time low. Surely… surely, it was worth it.


It wouldn’t leave me feeling empty in the end at all, surely.

……..3.9 chapters later, I have drawn a comic with an anime transformation sequence.

Perhaps I have skipped quite a bit of the story just now, but what is there to say, really. Over time, I figured things out. Sure, I owe a lot to western cartoons, but there’s no denying that anime was a huge part of my life too, and yet I devoted so much energy to denying it.

To deny anime was to deny myself. I know this now.

I have seen myself in the mirror.

And there is toast in my mouth.